Monday, February 20, 2012

I Love My Car!!

It is a cold morning and I auto start my car to get a little warm air flown.  This is by far one of my favorite features in my Chevy Malibu.  Since the return of the Malibu, in 1997 to the market I have owned three of them.   I leased one the first year it returned to the market.   It is the fifth generation of this car, it was first produced in 1964 as a subseries of the Chevy Chevelle and in 1978 the Malibu became its own line. 

 I was pregnant with my son and it was a great for carrying around all the baby gear.  The trunk was roomy and held more than I could image.  As a new mom storage in the car is something you look for.   Even as my children have grown older I still look for that hidden storage in a car.  Maybe that is because my car is my second home. 

The Malibu received a model change in 2008 and took the market by storm.  I remember my Dad driving one of the first ones off the truck that arrived at Lafferty.   I loved the new look and I began to count down my days till I got out of my leases so I could get back into the Malibu, I was driving a Chevrolet Equinox at the time.   

The Malibu has receives numerous awards here are just a few:
·      2009 Malibu - US News and World Reports - #1 Affordable Midsized Car out of 23 Affordable Midsized Cars
·      2009 Malibu – Named an All-Star by AUTOMOBILE Magazine for the second year in a row (2008 and 2009)
·      2010 Malibu – Top Safety Pick- Named a 2010 Top Safety Pick by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety
·      2012 Malibu - Fourth year in a row as a Best Buy from Consumer Digest
·      2008 Malibu - North American Car of the Year at the North American International Car Show
·      2008/2009 Malibu- Best Family Car by Parents Magazine and

By the time I write about the new changes of the 2008 Malibu the new 2013 model will be in the showroom.   

2013 Chevy Malibu
Go figure I stopped down at the dealership today and yes there in the showroom was a new white diamond 2013 Malibu ECO.  Some new features in the 2013 Eco are the energy that runs the car.  Not to be forgotten is the beautiful interior as well.  The 2013 Eco introduces a new technology called eAssist Technology.    I took this right from the Chevy website, I wanted to make sure I got everything right J  “The 2013 Malibu Eco introduces eAssist, a state-of-the-art technology that intuitively makes it possible to conserve energy when it's not needed. Stopped at a red light, sitting in gridlock traffic, running your air conditioner-eAssist seamlessly supports or compensates the flow of power through the ECOTEC® 2.4L direct injection engine and its 15 kW electric motor-generator to conserve power when it's not needed, which in turn saves fuel.”  The new aerodynamic exterior of the car cuts back on the resistance to help better your mileage as well.  Let me make one thing clear when I hear that word aerodynamic I get a little nervous, not to worry this is one sharp looking vehicle.  Here I thought the new look of the 2008 was beautiful, this one is one high class looking car with out the high price tag. 

Chevy has been coming out with a handful of practical and great looking cars.  So much is happening right now that you got to stop by and take a tour of our almost finished revamped dealership and test drive some of these new cars we have on the lot.  There is something for everyone. 

For more information on both the 2012 and 2012 Malibu’s check out these sites:



Thursday, January 12, 2012

Test Driving the New Chevy Sonic

As we enter the New Year I have taken a challenge to test drive all the different Chevy cars and truck and give you my Mom Review; I am going to tell you what a Mom in her mid thirty’s with two preteen kids thinks of a vehicle and how it fits into my life. Currently, I drive a Chevy Malibu. 

The Sonic in my driveway
My first pick of the year is an Inferno Orange, 5 speed manual, 5 door, 2012 Sonic LT.

My first thoughts, love the color and I like the exterior design.     

As I opened the driver’s side door and looked around the interior, I was surprised to find all the storage available to me.  I had room for my maps, coffee, and other things I tend to carry with me in the car.  I took a seat, as I adjust the back of my seat I liked how my seat slowly adjusted and was not abrupt; you clicked till I got to the right spot.  The one thing I found tough was the location of the seatbelt lock. 

glove box
I had been given a 5-speed manual to test out.  As I drove around town and ran my everyday errands I found parking to be very easy, the turn radius was great.  Transition from gear to gear was very smooth.  I did my weekly food shopping and was able to get everything loaded into the small trunk; the space was just big enough. If my family of four were headed to the airport it would be very tough.  If my husband and I were traveling we could simply drop the back seats and put our luggage in.      
My overall thought on the car is that at this time in my life it is too small to accommodate my needs.  With that being said I found myself saying how it would be great for me if the kids were older or even a great car for my kids.  Future exterior colors to come are going to be very fun and bright.  I think we are going to start to see a lot more Sonics on the road.  Chevy has built a solid compact car to cross generations.  It does come in a four door, which I have looked at but have not test-driven.  The one difference that stands out to me is the truck size if far bigger in the 4 doors.  I was very surprised to see that. 
Filled up the trunk

Stop in and take a test drive, and let us know what you think.

To learn more about the Chevy Sonic check out:
Top Safety awards for the Sonic
Chevrolet Home Page for the Sonic
Car and Driver Review
Lafferty's website for in stock models
Auto Weeks Review
US News review and rankings

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

And the walls came down...

The new waiting area
Phase one of our construction is complete.  What a transformation; the vision of the designer to take a space from a state inspection car bay to a relaxing waiting room.  I was touring the new space and was overwhelmed by bright lights, clean walls, more square footage, and a place to sit and work on my computer.  As a kid I ran through the old car bays as I jumped over wires and around cars.  Saying my hellos as the guys working on various cars; it is an end of an era, as I say. 

Old doors, from Jack's office to the showroom

We are still under construction with phase two.  Offices have already been ripped apart and wires and walls are coming down.  We are now working on a new show room and office space for our sales force.  You can feel the excitement around the dealership, things are changing every day.  The feeling is like a new car arriving on our lot.

Speaking of new cars, boy Chevrolet has been showing us a whole new line of cars.  We got the Volt an amazing electric car with a great pick up.  We got the Sonic that puts fun back in car.  We got the convertible Camero that scream road trip.  And not to be forgotten in the new Cruze the name says it all.  With a beautiful new line up of colors, fun, sport and value; with new walls and new space the excitement is simple put contagious. 

Stop down and see the friendly faces who have helped you in past and let us show you our future and what we got for you.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone!!!  Our end of the year at Lafferty Chevrolet was a busy one.  It was a great way to end the year.  Starting this month we will be offering some new incentives to our facebook, blog and twitter friends.  Keep an eye out for deals of the day, service specials and other fun surprises.  We are looking forward to a great year at Lafferty Chevrolet and we looking forward to welcoming you to our car family. 

Keep your eye out on the road for the new Chevy Cruze.  The Cruze was introduced late fall last year and has been getting some great reviews, if you drive one let us know what you think. 

Due out this year is the Chevy Camero Convertible, the  Chevy Sonic, and already our on the west coast is the Chevy Volt

Thursday, December 9, 2010

A season of giving

As December started it was the beginning of the holiday season.  At Lafferty we have been celebrating not only this Holiday season but celebrating our fifty anniversary as a dealership.  Fifty years ago on December 1st Lafferty opened it's door to the public.  Happy Birthday Lafferty Chevrolet!!!!

So how have we been celebrating...
In just the past 10 days at Lafferty Chevrolet we have:
  • Welcomed our new car owners at our new car clinic
  • Welcomed Willow Dale Elementary for a drive for education 
  • CBS 3 stoped in for visit
  • Handed out free  admission to the Franklin Institute and it special exhibit Cleopatra
  • Been filling the Stocking for Kids box for the Salvation Army
  • Welcomed 85 ladies to Ladies Night Out 
  • Handed out 40$ gift certificates to all the women who test drove the Traverse
  • Handed out 5- $100 check during out ladies night out
  • We introduced you to the New Chevy Cruze
I would like to thank everyone for being part of the past fifty years at Lafferty.  I am sure we all have many stories we can tell.  I remember car shows and helping Dad sell hot dogs and pretzels.  I remember my first job cleaning the lots of cigarette butts, Welcoming Dale Earnhardt to the dealership to sign auto graphs...people were lined up all the way around the building, Earnhardt's #3 was on view in the showroom for a few days and I got to watch them bring in the car. I learned to drive stick shift out on Street Road.  I use to sell Girl Scout cookies to everyone, I had the oppurtunity to test drive many differt Chevy models.   I have been able to meet a lot of people; those who have been employed by Lafferty and those who have been customers.   

So here is to another Fifty Years for Lafferty.  I wonder if in the next  fifty years we will have cars that fly...and I also wonder who is readying this, are you?

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Ladies Night at Lafferty

Hey Ladies, On Dec Ladies Night at Lafferty from 7-8pm. Come test drive the Chevy Traverse and receive 2 free oil changes, a 40$ gift certificate to Spa Finder and we will also be raffling off 5 - $100 cash prizes. So Stop in and bring a gift for the Salvation Army "Stockings for Kid".  I look forard to meeting you and hearing about what you think of the Chevy Traverse. 

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Help me celebrate 50 years at Lafferty Chevrolet

Nothing like a celebration.  If you think back at recent celebrations with friends and family, I am sure you talked about all kinds of memories.  That is the great thing about getting together with family and friends, you look back and laugh at all the good times and maybe even cry at the bad times.  On November 30th Lafferty will be celebrating 50 years since it opened the doors for the first time in Hatboro, PA.  Over the next few weeks I will be looking back at the past 50 years at Lafferty, looking at the cars we sell now and the ones we sold back then.  Email me your stories and pictures ( from the past 50 years as a Lafferty customer or employee and I will post them and share your stories with everyone.  Be a part of our celebration, it is because of you we are celebrating and we thank you for be a part of our history.